Funky Photons strives to bring creative visual interactivity and illuminating art to people. We are entangled within the luminous rays and act as prisms for positive energy, while aiming our rayguns toward entrancing and stimulating the senses.

Funky Photons feels that the interaction of the audience with the work of art liberates and empowers. This is why the Vortexya Video Kaleidoscope was built. The first version of the VVK was built in 1994 so that people could make their own visuals at dance parties.

Now, armed with photonic rayguns, non-traditional screens, and software that allows for the imagination to run as free as a bouncing baby cow, Funky Photons will be reborn!

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No doubt about it, this website is due an update,so please be patient and it will also be reborn with video clips, pictures, and more info.