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Recyclight 01

This is the first in a series of illumination devices incorporating antique or recycled materials and newer technologies.

It was exhibited at the Functional Art Exhibition at Art/Not Terminal Gallery in Seattle. The Recyclight 01 was awarded Judge's Choice. This has been sold.


Part of this light started out as an old Hotpoint "Hedlite Heater". I cleaned up the grungy heater, removing old caked-on brown paint, revealing the beautiful copper-plated "Hedlite". I rewired it and put in a compact fluorescent lamp for energy efficiency and cool operation.

The "lampshade" is an old chrome-plated hubcap. I drilled holes in it to allow the light to stream out through the spiral pattern and installed a battery-operated fiber optic illumination system around the perimeter.

There are two switches, one for the lamp inside and one for the fiber optic system, so each light source can be controlled independently.