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The creations side of Funky Photons has morphed into Lunaglow. The artwork represented here are older pieces for reference.


VVKVortexya Video Kaleidoscope

This originated as an interactive video device to allow people at parties to play with the visuals. The signal was usually mixed with other visuals and projected for all to see.

This particular version was meant to be in a gallery setting, with the stained glass top and tung oil stained oak sides adding to the attraction.

This has been sold --- More Info and Pix

Recyclight 01Recyclight 01

This is the first in a series of illumination devices incorporating antique or recycled materials and newer technologies.

It was recently a part of the Functional Art Exhibition at Art/Not Terminal Gallery in Seattle. The Recyclight 01 was awarded Judge's Choice.

This piece has also been sold, but there are plenty of other objects ready for recycling into a funky light. ---More Info and Pix

Bamboo Light Sculptures

Using organic materials and modern components, what a combo!

These light sculptures incorporate gelled fluorescent tubes that illuminate the the holes in the bamboo, radiating a funky light and unique pattern. ---More Info and Pix


This fiber optic sculpture originated in response to a local exhibit called Gene(sis). It has a double helix of 23 fiber optic strands twisting around an axis, a copper base and acrylic feet that glow. The colors of the strands and the feet change slowly.

Plate ProjectorPlate Projector

This illumination device projects glass plate and stained glass patterns on the wall or screen. There's a motorized gobo which breaks up the light transmission through the lenses, resulting in an apparent liquid motion of the projection.