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Bamboo Light Sculptures

Incorporating organic materials with recycled parts and fluorescent tubes, these bamboo light sculptures give off a soft glowing light from holes in the bamboo.

Bamboo and light have had a coexistence from the beginning of our electric history, where the first filaments in light bulbs were made out of bamboo! Funky eh?

I wanted this one to the left to act as a planted bamboo, so I put it in a large ceramic vessel and scattered stones around it. The ballast and circuitry are hidden in the pot, with a footswitch turning on the electricity.

I used an energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible ALTO fluorescent tube for the illumination, gelled in a reddish-pink.

I believe a part of the responsibility of artists working with electricity and organic/non-organic materials is to be as environmentally friendly with the art as possible. Using recycled materials, energy-efficient components and little or no chemicals preserves the integrity of not only the piece of artwork, but the environment one chooses to put it in!

<<< This light sculpture is for sale.

Smaller table sculpture using green light and a metal base obtained from Boeing Surplus.

Bamboo light sculpture next to Mike Mathews' candle sculpture.