VVK frontTwirling, whirling dervish of light
You spin untouched, revealing unseen forces
But when touched, your free-flowing nature
Responds with equal beauty

Electric kaleidoscope battling the night
Glow and dance in your own resonance
Allow us to zoom into your depths and
Mesmerize us with your infinite patterns




VVK sideAs one walks up to the Vortexya Video Kaleidoscope, the video signal glows through cobalt stained glass on the perimeter of the screen. Closer in, the controls that change color reveal themselves as the monitor begs to be turned. Now you're spiraling down a virtual world of colors and patterns which change with every interaction. You can change the patterns by turning the monitor left and right. You can manipulate the color with the knobs and zoom in and out with infinite possibilities. You can also use your hands to interact with the patterns, changing them with the sightest gesture. From organic, sand-like mandalas, to entrancing spirals and fantastic horizons, the Vortexya Video Kaleidoscope will reveal unseen energies around us.



VVK top


Seattle Art Museum/DIFFA Masquerade Ball - 10/2003
Dream Garden at the Capitol Hill Art Center - 05/2003
Les Egoistes FIRE Benefit Party - 06/2002
Art/Not Terminal Gallery-Seattle: Functional Art Exhibition - 04/ 2003
The Shunpike Follies @ The FUnC in Fremont - 03/2002
The Shunpike Follies @ The FUnC in Fremont, - 01/2002
The Surrealist Ball New Years party at JEM Studios - 01/2002
Spaceboat TV @ EMP - 06/2001